• 80 PLUS Gold certified: 90% minimal efficiency guaranteed
  • ATX 12V 2.31 & EPS 12V 2.91/2.92 power supply with active PFC
  • OVP, SCP, OPP, SIP, UVP protection
  • 120 mm ultra silent fan with speed control
  • Flat and extra long modular cables
  • Japanese electrolytic capacitors certified for work in 105ºC
EAN: 8436587971785REF:NXHUMMERX850WGD
Hummer X850 W Gold Edition

The Hummer X 850W Gold Edition is a modular power supply for computers, recommended if your PC is equipped with the last graphics cards. Its 80 Plus Gold Certificate guarantees high energy efficiency when your machine is at maximum performance, while its silent 120mm fan with temperature regulator ensures optimum airflow at all times.

80 Plus Gold Certificate

TheHummer X 850W Gold Edition is one of the best PSUs to combine with the last graphics cards. The perfect complement to the most powerful computers, this PC power supply is built with premium materials that make itextremely durable. Its excellent quality has the capacity needed for high-powered rigs, making it the ideal addition to your setup.

An80 Plus Gold Certificate guaranteesup to 90% efficiency when your PC is working at 100%. Efficiency is the greatest advantage of this PSU - helping you to reduce your electricity consumption, saving energy and reducing costs.

Ultra-quiet PSU

TheNox Hummer X 850W Gold Edition power supply incorporates an ultra-silent 120mm fan that guarantees proper ventilation constantly, thanks tolow-noise optimal heat dissipation.

Theintelligent fan integrated into this PSU has a temperature control function that means it adapts itself to the changing needs of your PC: it works at maximum power only when necessary.

For powerful setups

With100% modular extra-long, high-quality flat cables, this PSU is a breeze to assemble. Its design ensures a stable airflow, and will create the perfect air circuit.

The Nox Hummer X 850W is aPC power supply that featuressuperior protections, includingOVP,SCP,OPP,SIP andUVP, for safe performance in any situation.

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