ARGB 140 mm fan
  • 7 translucent blades
  • Hydraulic bearings
  • Optimized silent design
  • Rubber backed corners
  • ARGB illumination

The Nox Hummer X140 is an ultra-silent, high-efficiency fan with an incredible design. Its large size cools your PC, while its ARGB lighting enhances the look of your PC's interior.

Maximum performance

The Nox Hummer X140 has the following dimensions:140 x 140 x 25mm. Its innovative circular frame design and7 curved blades provide excellent airflow ofup to 45.5 CFM, which helps to dissipate heat and protects your components.

As for speed, thisfan reaches 1200 RPM - so effective air circulation and a low noise level are guaranteed.

Great power with the lowest possible noise level

Thanks to a hydraulic bearing, the Nox Hummer H-Fan boasts anextremely low noise level of between 14 dB, running at its lowest speed, and35 dB at its highest. The sound is barely perceptible as it is absorbed by anti-vibration rubber supports, which come in the colour of the fan itself.

Spectacular ARGB

A total of up to16.8 million colors shine through its translucent blades, thanks to ARGB LED lighting - choose the colors that best suit your gaming style.

Easy installation

You'll find it simple to install, with a3-pin connector and 500mm cable.

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