ARGB infinite mirror fan
  • 7 translucent blades
  • Hydraulic bearings
  • Optimized silent design
  • Rubber backed corners
  • ARGB infinite mirror lighting

The Nox Hummer M-FAN is an efficient 120mm fan that provides excellent airflow - quietly. Its impressive lighting also means it's customizable: this is the ultimate ARGB fan with a stand-out appearance and total efficiency.

Superior ventilation

Featuring an infinity mirror design, the Nox Hummer M-FAN is a120 x 120 x 25mm fan running at a total of 1200 RPM. Itsseven aerodynamic blades contribute to excellent airflow and there's minimal noise thanks to hydraulic bearings which produce low friction and ensure smooth operation. An innovative design and maximum flow of35.5 CFM stops your components overheating. ThisPC fan with ARGB is highly resistant to wear and tear too, with a lifespan of40,000 hours.

ARGB infinity mirror effect

This fan is perfect for any lighting enthusiast. The highlight of itsincredible design is theinfinity mirror effect in the centre of the fan which lights up and turns non-stop, as well as itstranslucent blades. You'll be able to choose from16.8 million eye-catching and vivid colors.

The Nox Hummer M-FAN allows you to reflect your style of play in its lighting, bysynchronizing it with the rest of your setup. Customize it your way and stand out from your rivals.

Spectacular design

With an impressive design that includes asquare frame with anti-vibration rubber corners to dampen any sound, the Nox Hummer M-FAN offers low noise - a maximum of23 dB. With this fan you can maximize cooling without sacrificing silence.

Simple Installation

Striking the perfect balance between performance and low noise, the Nox Hummer M-FAN isquick and easy to install, with a cable of 550mm for convenient mounting.

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