H-Fan LED - Green

120 mm Green LED fan
  • 7 traslucent fan blades
  • Low noise adapter
  • Hydraulic bearing
  • Lighting LED
  • Optimized silent design
  • Rubber stabilizer on corners to absorb the vibrations
EAN: 8436532164583REF:NXHUMMERF120LG
H-Fan LED - Green

H-Fan LED are the fans of Hummer series.120 mm fans available with LED in four different colors that provide an excellent ventilation effectively and quietly.

Optimum airflow

Itsaerodinamic blades offers a minimal resistance to air, providing the best possible ventilation to all components and ensuring a continuous airflow inside the PC.

Silent operation

TheH-Fan LED features arubber stabilizer on corners whichabsorbs vibrations to offering a high performance at a low noise level. It includes an adapter cable to reduce the speed fan to 1600 at 1000 RPM.

Attractive design

LED lighting and its innovative design make Hummer fans in a very attractive option to customize the PC.

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