Hummer H-123 RGB

  • AMD and Intel compatible
  • RGB lighting compatible with motherboard synchronization technologies
  • PWM smart control
  • 120 mm fan
Outstanding cooling

Cooling the processor is an extremely simple task with theNox Hummer H-123 RGB, given that this120mm cooler featuresefficient blades that achieve high dissipation levels at a very low noise level.

Itsconical design andaluminum base channel the air flow and help reduce heat, balancing the temperature.

In addition, thisCPU cooler is equipped with PWM, so that the fan speed is controlled automatically and adjusts to what your computer needs at all times, saving energy and guaranteeing a satisfactory performance.

RGB lighting

The Nox Hummer H-123 RGB cooler offers high performance as well as spectacularRGB lighting. ThisCPU cooler incorporatesmotherboard synchronization technology so you can decorate the interior of your PC with the colors and effects you want. You'll enjoy the best cooling and fantastic lighting.

Reduced dimensions

Minimum space, maximum power. The Nox Hummer H-123 RGB has dimensions of120 x 120 x 65mm. Its compact size makes it compatible with any setup. Enjoy playing and don't worry about anything else.

Easy installation

Installation is very simple. To install, just place the ring around the microprocessor and situate the cooler on the microprocessor.

The Nox Hummer H-123 is compatible with AMD and Intel processors.


AMD and Intel compatible, with 120 mm PWM controlled fan


Aluminium heatsink for a perfect heat dissipation


RGB lighting compatible with motherboard synchronization technologies

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