RGB All-in-one water cooling system
  • Intel & AMD compatible
  • 120 mm fan with PWM control
  • RGB lighting
  • Aluminium base radiator
  • Copper base pump
  • Easy installation
H-120 Aura

The H-120 Aura is an all-in-one liquid cooling kit, easy to install and optimized for high performance at a low noise level. It comes with a 120mm fan and PWM function that effectively and sustainably reduce the temperature of the equipment.

Effective ventilation

Its 120mm radiator ensures optimal performance in the cooling of your unit, thanks to aerodynamic fins which reduce air turbulence between the fan and radiator.

In addition, it offers PWM control to adapt itself to the needs of your PC at any given time, striking a perfect balance between performance and efficiency, and reaching a speed of up to 1800 RPM.

Design and RGB lighting

The H-120 Aura has an RGB LED lighting system of up to 7 colors with several customization options that allow you to create different atmospheres and synchronize them with the colors of the rest of the PC, thanks to its compatibility with the synchronization technologies of benchmark motherboard manufacturers such as Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and Asrock RGB Led.

Its design is intended to give you multiple options in the set up of your computer thanks to its braided tubes, which avoid problems with kinking when you don't have much space.

In addition, to give maximum stability to your computer, the fan is equipped with 4 rubber anti-vibration pads to prevent annoying noises generated by vibrations.

Performance and features

The H-120 Aura has a pump capable of moving a high volume of coolant (2300 RPM), instantly reducing the temperature of the processor.

Besides this, the copper base provides a high conductivity that, together with the high density of the radiator fins, guarantees us a greater heat dissipation, and therefore, a continuous flow of air inside of your PC. The H-120 Aura tool-less assembly system is compatible with Intel and AMD sockets.

The RGB All-in-One.

Pump with RGB lighting.


Radiator with aluminum base.


120 mm fan with PWM control.

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