Coolfan 120 LED - Blue

  • 9 traslucent fan blades
  • Long life sleeve bearing
  • 4 blue LEDs
  • Optimized silent design
  • Traslucent black frame
  • High airflow for a better cooling efficiency
  • 3 & 4 pin connector
Coolfan 120 Blue LED

Coolfan offers the best performance with a low noise level and a stunning look. It's translucent blades allow the light to go through them creating an awesome effect. The Sleeve Bearing system gives the product a longer life and ensure a higher performance.

Let the light go

Make your pc more attractive and cool with the 4 coolfan LED lights. Coolfan frames and blades are translucent so the light can reach everywhere inside your pc providing a stunning look.

Aerodynamic blades

The nine blades are designed to provide a better airflow to ensure all components durability.

Coolfan 120 LED from Coolbay Series

Coolfan series combines higher performance with a low noise level. It allow you to customize your pc with their 4 different colors. Be yourself!

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