Atx mid tower chassis
  • USB 3.0 high speed
  • Glossy finished front panel
  • LED lighting
  • Up to 3 fans
  • Up to 4 hard drives
  • Long graphics cards support
Pax Blue Edition

Pax is a compact sized chassis with with LED lighting and glossy finished front panel. Itallows a high performance system assembly with acomplete cooling system.

Simplicity and versatility

Pax hasone external 5.25’’ bay andfour internal bays, two 3.5’’ and two 2.5’’, to provide you with multiple storage options.

Great accessibility

Nox Pax has a black front panel withglossy finished combined with metal mesh andblue LED lighting. At the top, we can find the audio connections,two USB 2.0 ports andone USB 3.0 port.

Huge space

Pax has aSGCC structure with compact size and low weight, wich makes it a versatile and complete chassis.

In addition, with Pax is achieved a high performance system withgraphics cards up to 325 mm andCPU coolers with a máximum height of 145 mm.

Cooling system

As for your cooling system, Paxallows for up to 3 additional fans, one on the side and one at the rear, in addition to the120 mm fan included on front.

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