500W Mid Tower Chassis
  • Brushed finish front
  • Capacity to install up to 3 fans
  • Capacity for up to 3 SSD 2.5 '' and 2 HDD 3.5 ''
  • Compatible with graphics up to 345 mm

LITE010 is the Nox solution to those who need a high performance equipment but without sacrificing nor space or an efficient execution. It is a mid tower compatible with ATX, micro ATX and ITX motherboards.

Brushed front

LITE010 is a both outside and inside black chassis with a brushed finish front, displaying in its connectors top panel a high speed 3.0 USB connection, two 2.0 USB connections and audio connections.

In addition, LITE010 comes with a pre-installed 500W ATX power supply.

Design and features

Nox's LITE010 provides broad storage options, for it allows inwards three 2.5’’ SSDs and two 3.5’’ HDDs, besides an external drive bay to install units up to 5.25’’.


Measuring 350 x 200 x 410 mm and weighting 3.40 kg, inside LITE010 it is possible to house graphic cards up to 345 mm and coolers up to 165 mm.

Cooling system

LITE010 has a left side vent grille to allow a cool air stream into the equipment. Even though its mid tower chassis size, it has room for four 120 mm fans (two front, one side and one rear) and a cable management system which improves the airflow within the equipment.

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