Infinity SIGMA

ARGB Mid Tower Chassis
  • Glass tempered side panel
  • 120 mm pre-mounted ARGB Rainbow fan
  • 2 LED strips on front panel
  • Magnetic top dust filter included
Tempered glass design

Infinity Sigma is a mid-tower with excellent finishes and plenty of features in its interior. Its front panel has been designed with two ARGB LED strips that run the whole length of its sides from top to bottom, characteristic of the Infinity series.

Finishes and access

The front panel of the Infinity Sigma incorporates two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, audio connections, a button to control the front panel ARGB and another to control fan speed.

Cooling options

Inside the Infinity Sigma there is the possibility of installing liquid cooling systems with radiators of 240mm or 280mm radiators on the front panel, or of 120mm or 140mm on the back panel.

Ventilation system

To efficiently cool all the components of your setup, Infinity Sigma comes with the capacity to install up to six fans, three of 120mm or two of 140mm in the front panel, and two of 120mm or two of 140mm in the upper panel, as well as a rear fan of 120mm with ARGB Rainbow included in the back panel.

Storage space

Infinity Sigma has been designed with multiple storage options, you’ll be able to install two 3.5” HDD in the lower part and two 2.5” SSD in the side.

Installation and set-up

The spacious interior facilitates a clean, efficient and comfortable set-up. On the one hand because it features a lower compartment for the PSU and hard discs, which aside from a clean set-up also allows us to keep the interior temperature of the PC at optimum levels. On the other hand, Infinity Sigma also comes with enough space in the interior to build comfortably and tidily manage all your cabling, once again contributing to improved air flow inside your PC.

Avant-garde and innovative design.

Power supply isolated from the rest of the components.


High quality tempered glass on the side panel.


Magnetic anti-dust filter on the top panel.


2 LED strips on the front panel.


Option to install a high level cooling system.

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