Infinity Omega

ARGB Mid Tower Chassis
  • Acrylic side panel
  • Lighting and ARGB control
  • Two USB 2.0 inputs, one 3.0 and audio hub.
  • One 120mm ARGB fan included
  • Possibility of installing up to 4 fans
Design and acrylic panel

In keeping with the Infinity series, this semi-tower has an understated and minimalist look with details and finishes that give it a strong personality. An elegant design composed of a front steel panel bordered on the right side by a discreet ARGB LED and an acrylic side panel that allows you to see the whole configuration inside.

Finishes and top panel

The upper panel incorporates two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port and audio connections. It also includes a controller for the front ARGB lights and for the rear fan.

Interior capacity

Infinity Omega is compatible with ATX, Mini-ATX and ITX boards and its interior can host a high-performance configuration thanks to its capacity to install graphics cards up to 330mm and coolers up to 140 mm.

Cooling options

Inside Infinity Omega it is possible to install up to three 120mm fans on the front panel, in addition to the one included in the rear of the same size, and/or liquid cooling systems of 120mm in the rear or 240 mm in the front.

Storage capacity

Infinity Omega allows you to set up different configurations cleanly and tidily given that it comes with an excellent cable management system (25 mm). In its lower part it features an isolated compartment for mounting the PSU and 3.5" disks, therefore preventing the heat from being transferred to the other components.

Infinity Omega gives you the option to install two 3.5" HDDs on the bottom and two 2.5" SSDs on the side.

Avant-garde and innovative design.

Power supply isolated from the rest of the components.


High quality tempered glass on the side panel.


1 LED strip on the front panel.


Option to install a high level cooling system.

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