Infinity NEON

ARGB Mid Tower Chassis
  • Dynamic ARGB Rainbow front strip
  • ARGB light controller
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Pre-installed 120mm ARGB Rainbow fan

Infinity Neon is a discreet and elegant chassis. The front is designed with a mesh finish and an ARGB LED that runs all around the front panel, giving it a cutting-edge look. The side has a large window made of tempered glass that will allow you to admire the inside of your set-up. In addition, it features details such as a magnetic dust filter on the top panel.

Access and front panel

The Infinity Neon incorporates two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 high speed ports into the front panel, along with the audio connections. It also includes a controller for the front ARGB lights and for the rear fan.

Interior capacity

This chassis has a spacious interior in which you can assemble a high-performance set-up without limitations. It comes with capacity for graphics cards up to 370mm in length and coolers with a maximum height of 179mm. In addition, it is equipped with a cable management system, allowing for a clean and efficient assembly.


Keeping the components of your equipment cool is easy with Infinity Neon, given that we can install liquid cooling systems of 240mm or 280mm in the front, 120mm or 140mm in its rear panel, or 240mm or 280mm in its top panel.

Ventilation System

In order to efficiently cool all the components of your set-up, Infinity Neon has the capacity for installation of up to six fans, three 120mm or two 140mm in the front panel, and two 120mm or two 140mm in the upper panel, as well as the rear 120mm fan with ARGB Rainbow included on the rear panel.

Storage capacity

In terms of storage, the Infinity Neon has space to mount two 3.5" HDD in the base and two 2.5" SSD on the side.

Avant-garde and innovative design.

Power supply isolated from the rest of the components.


High quality tempered glass on the side panel.


Magnetic anti-dust filter on the top panel.


LED details on the front panel.


Option to install a high level cooling system.

Think Big, Think Hummer
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