Hummer ZN

Silent Mid Tower Chassis
  • Sound-deadening foam front, side and top panels
  • Elegant matte finish
  • Isolated PSU and HDD compartment for optimum cooling performance
  • Card reader
  • Speed controller for up to 5 fans
Hummer ZN

Nox's Hummer series expands with Hummer ZN, a silent tower plenty of opportunities for a large cooling system installation within an elegant dark chassis.

Stylish design

Designed for those who need asilent high performance equipment, Hummer ZN is a sturdy and sober mid tower chassis, wholly black both in the outside and in the inside.

As a stylish chassis, Hummer ZN front is finished in abrushed aluminum effect. Both theirtwo pre-installed 120mm fans and their speed-control switches are located behind its front door.

Easy access

Hummer ZN's upper panel features bothtwo USB 2.0 ports andtwo USB 3.0 ports, as well as audio connections andan extra SD / micro SD card reader.

Isolated compartment

Hummer ZN's design allows an optimal airflow inside the equipment, for it comes withthree pre-installed 120 mm fans (two on the front and one on the back) and still has room to install two additional 120 or 140 mm fans at the top.

It has also a PSU and hard drivescompartment at its bottom, so their heat don't transfer to other components.

As thePSU and rear fan location help expel all the heat outside for an effective airflow, a flow of cold air will directly run within, cooling graphics and all components.

High performance

A high-performance equipment requires a great cooling system to keep the operativeness of all its components at their best.

Featuring grommet holes (among other details), Hummer ZNallows inside water cooling systems. It has room enough for mounting 3 radiators: a 120/240 mm frontal one, a 120/240 mm upper one and a 120 mm rear one, thus providing infinite combinations.

Hummer ZN has been designed for anexcellent cable management, making it possible to set a clean and tidy assembly while helping nothing blocks the airflow.

Silent chassis

Hummer ZN is an extremely quiet chassis, thanks to itssoundproof panels located on both sides and on the front and top panel, absorbing any noise or vibration that the components may produce.

Inner space

Hummer ZN allowsgraphics cards with a length up to 415 mm. It also has clearance enough forCPU coolers up to 175 mm maximum height, allowing you to install any market's high-end cooler.

Large storage capacity

Hummer ZN hascapability to install up to 7 units, as it has two external 5.25 "bays and seating for five more units inside, two 3.5" at the bottom and three 2.5 " SSD on the sides.

This feature allows you to installthree SSD on the chassis' side panel behind the motherboard, thus making a clearance's better use and an improved airflow. You can harness Hummer ZN's lower 3.5'' bays to install a 2.5'' SSD lateral hard drive instead.

For convenience and simplicity, Hummer ZN has two removable trays which help ahard drives installation without tools.

FIltro magnético antipolvo en el panel superior


Espacio tras la placa base para la gestión del cableado


Bandejas extraíbles para la instalación de discos duros sin necesidad de herramientas


Paneles insonorizados en el lateral izquierdo y en caras frontal y superior

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