Hummer Zero Core White Edition

  • Minimalist design with premium finishes
  • 450W 80+ PSU included
  • USB 3.0., 2.0. and audio hub
  • 120 mm fan pre-installed
  • Space to install up to 5 fans
  • Dust filter at the bottom

The Hummer Zero Core is aminitower with a 450 W power supply, with a minimalist design and excellent premium finishes, which allows you to build a high-performance setup thanks to its outstanding capacity,including an already pre-installed 120 mm rear fan. Available intwo colors, black and white, it offers great features to put together an outstanding PC.

Access and front panel

At the top there is aUSB 2.0 connection and a 3.0 high speed one, as well as the corresponding jacks,one for the microphone and one for the headphones.

Design and performance

The Hummer Zero Core presents aminimalist but extremely functional design, typical of the Hummer line from Nox. This lightweight but very solid case isavailable in two colors: majestic black and pure white.

Optimal cooling system

The Hummer Zero Core chassis can accommodate up to a total of5 fans, all of them 120 mm, including the pre-installed rear fan. In terms of the integration of the remaining fans, two can be mounted at the front and two at the top.

Thischassis offers great cooling, as it also has enough capacity to house aliquid cooling system with radiators up to 240 mm on its top panel, ensuring optimal airflow.

The Hummer Zero Core also incorporates adust filter on the lower part to maintain a cleaner build, preventing dust from accumulating inside and helping to ensure good performance.

Storage capacity

The spacious interior of thisPC case allows you to build a powerful configuration, as well asoptimal cable management, allowing each component to be neatly organised.

In its lower part, it has anindependent compartment for the 80 Plus 450W power supply, already included.80 Plus White certified guarantees a minimum 80 % efficiency with the equipment working at its best.

In this independent compartment, we can find thehard drives also, isolating these components from the other elements, and so preventing their heat from being transferred to the rest of the setup.

Compact. Powerful. Elegant.

Compartment to isolate power supply and HDD disks from other components


Easy access I / O ports on the top panel


Space enough for an efficient cable management


Clearance to install high-performance M-ATX / M-ITX configurations with a 160mm max. heigth CPU cooler


Top panel allows two 120mm fans or a liquid cooling system up to 240mm


Rear panel allows a 120mm fan (included) or a liquid cooling system up to 120 mm

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