Hummer Zero Black Edition

  • Minimalist design with premium finishes
  • Tempered glass side panel with magnetic closure
  • USB 3.0., 2.0. and audio hub
  • 120 mm fan pre-installed
  • Space to install up to 5 fans
  • Dust filter at the bottom
Minimalist design with tempered glass

Hummer Zero Black Edition is acompact and minimalist mini-tower withpremium finishes that give it a great personality, common denominator of the Hummer series chassis.

It features atempered glass side panel with magnetic closure that facilitates immediate access to the components. Asober and majestic design in white that reflects harmony and purity, perfect for those looking for performance, elegance and functionality.

Finishes and access

On thetop panel of the Hummer Zero isa high speed USB 3.0, aUSB 2.0 and theaudio connections.

In addition, to prevent dust from accumulating in the interior it incorporates ananti-dust filter below the PSU which helps keep your configuration clean.

Cooling options

Hummer Zero Black Edition offers different cooling options as itallows you to install up to 5 fans: two of 120mm on the front panel, two on the upper panel of up to 240mm and one on the rear of 120mm (included).

Similarly, Hummer Zero Black Editionallows you to install liquid cooling systems with radiators of 120mm on the front and rear parts, and even 240 mm on the top.

Storage capacity

Hummer Zero Black Edition hasmultiple openings and a large interior space for better cable management, helping you achieve a clean and tidy set-up.

It features anisolated compartment for mounting thePSU and 3.5" hard disks in the lower part, therefore preventing heat from being transferred to the other components.

Itsspacious interior alsoallows for two 2.5" SSDs and two 3.5" HDDs to be installed, which creates the possibility of different storage options.


Compartment to isolate power supply and HDD disks from other components


High quality tempered glass with magnetic closure on the side panel


Easy access I / O ports on the top panel


Front panel allows two 120mm fans or a liquid cooling system up to 120mm


Clearance to install high-performance M-ATX / M-ITX configurations with a 160mm max. heigth CPU cooler


Top panel allows two 120mm fans or a liquid cooling system up to 240mm


Rear panel allows a 120mm fan (included) or a liquid cooling system up to 120 mm

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