Hummer Void

  • Acoustic cancellation panels
  • PWM fan control
  • Up to 6 fans (3x 120 mm fans included)
  • High speed 3.0 USB port
  • 21 mm cable management system

Hummer Void is amid tower with an elegant and minimalist design plus great flexibility at housing high performance configurations. Itsside, front and top areas are sound-dampening panels so you can enjoy the most powerful configurations quietly.

Top panel connections

Afan controller and audio connections are locatedon the top panel, as well as three USB ports: two 2.0 USB ports and one3.0 USB high-speed port.

Storage options

This is a chassis that offers different options to assemble a high performance configuration, as you can installtwo 3.5" HDDs at its bottom andtwo 2.5" SSDs at its side.

Also, its21 mm cable management system will help you setting a neat assembly while keeping an optimal airflow inside.


Hummer Void allows you to plan a tailored cooling and ventilation system for your assembly thanks to the different options that offers. Itsup to 6 fans capability supports at the front two 140 mm fans or three 120 mm fans (two are included) and a 120 mm rear fan (included).

Furthermore,liquid cooling systems are supported with radiatorsup to 240 / 280 mm on the front panel and another120 mm one on its rear, thus assuring an optimal air flow.


This rugged yet compact chassis has room enough for high-end components: fromgraphic cards up to 320 mm length, toCPU coolers of a 154 mm maximum height.

A capacious ultra silent mid tower

Sound dampening side panels


Sound dampening front panel


PWM controlled fan supporting


Up to 6 fans capability (one at the rear, two on the top, three at the front)


Isolated PSU compartment


High end components supported: CPU coolers up to 154 mm height, VGA up to 320 mm length


Convenient 21 mm cable management system

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