Hummer Vault

  • Micro-ATX chassis
  • Up to 7 fans capability (depending on PSU type assembled)
  • Vertical or horizontal GPU assemble
  • 2x high speed USB 3.0

The Nox Hummer Vault stands for quality setups in reduced spaces. This compact tower with an elegant design guarantees maximum flexibility.

Its tidy interior provides ample space and can house up to seven fans. It's also compatible with ATX/SFX power supplies.

Its versatilityallows you to position the graphics card vertically or horizontally too, just one of many impressive features.

Compact, elegant and premium

The Nox Hummer Vault features a precise design inelegant black with a mesh side panel, making it the perfect fit for any room or setup and enhancing your lighting and cooling systems. This case is built with0.8 mm SPCC steel, which providesexcellent strength and great durability, and properly protects the components of your PC.


The Nox Hummer Vault offers excellent access to its main connection ports. On the top you'll findtwo high-speed USB 3.0 connections,an HD audio connection andthe jack connections for your microphone or headphones.

Cooling without limits

This Nox PC case can house a total ofseven fans: six of 120mm and one of 80mm. The 80mm fan can be positioned at the back of the case to optimize airflow.

The Nox Hummer Vault offers outstanding ventilation with the possibility to integrate240mm or 120mm liquid cooling, constantly maintaining the temperature that your PC needs for optimum performance.

This Nox computer chassis also includesmagnetic dust filters that help keep your setup clean, preventing dust from accumulating inside and damaging components.

Maximum flexibility

The Nox Hummer Vault is a compact but spacious tower designed for powerful setups andeasy installation thanks to its cable management system, as well as maximum performance. This professional PC chassis iscompatible with both Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX boards. You also have the option tointegrate ATX power supplies, as well as those in SFX format.

In keeping with the Nox Hummer line, its interior designallows the GPU to be mounted vertically or horizontally. This facilitates easy installation of your other components as you'll be able to mountgraphics cards of up to 245mm vertically or 335mm horizontally.


Many types of configurations fit inside a Hummer Vault, all of them allowing powerful cooling and large storage systems.

Follow this link to check all the possible configurations for this versatile chassis and install an assembly tailored to your needs.

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