Hummer TGM

ARGB Lighting Tempered Glass Chassis
  • Side and front panels in tempered glass.
  • 4x 120mm pre-mounted fans with Rainbow RGB.
  • Possibility of installing up to 6 fans.
  • ARGB syncronization with motherboard.
Side and front panels in tempered glass

A robust design that shines through its presence thanks to its tempered glass front and side panels that allow the interior to be displayed, with one of its main attractions being the light and movement show offered by its ARGB fans.

The Hummer TGM emphasizes the elegant finishes and high performance of one of Nox's flagship series.

Finishes and access

A semi-tower made of steel with tempered glass panels that satisfies the demands of those who seek personality and performance in their equipment.

The upper panel incorporates two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port and audio connections. It also includes a button to control the RGB lighting modes of its front LED and the fans.

Interior capacity

The Hummer TGM is compatible with ATX, Micro-ATX and mini ITX boards and inside it is possible to integrate a high performance configuration, since it allows for installing coolers up to 150mm and graphics cards up to 370mm (up to 310mm if installing a liquid cooling system).

Cooling options

The Hummer TGM is designed to incorporate various cooling systems: it is possible to install up to 2 fans of 120mm in the upper part of the chassis, as well as the three 120mm ARGB fans included in the front and rear.

In addition, a liquid cooling system of 240mm can be integrated into the front part.

Storage capacity

Thanks to its excellent cable management system (23mm), you'll be able to achieve an clean and tidy set-up.

In its lower part the Hummer TGM features an isolated compartment for mounting the PSU and hard disks, therefore preventing heat from being transferred to the other components. It also has the capacity to install two 3.5" HDDs on the bottom and two 2.5" SSDs on the side.

An ARGB show on your desk.

Power supply isolated from the rest of the components.


High quality tempered glass on the left side and front panels.


Magnetic anti-dust filter on the top panel.


Three attractive 120 mm ARGB Rainbow fans included on front of the chassis.


Option to install a high level cooling system.

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