Hummer Nova

  • Tempered glass side panel
  • 2x 200 mm ARGB fans pre-installed
  • Up to 8 fans capability
  • 28 mm cable management system
  • Large graphics compatible
  • High speed 3.0 USB
  • ARGB control button
  • Bracket for vertical VGA installation

Hummer Nova is alarge midtower made in 0.8 mm steel. Its notablefront mesh andside tempered glass design makes this chassis the perfect showcase for a high performance configuration with an optimal temperature inside.

Front panel

Nova’stwo large 200 mm pre-installed ARGB ring fans, together with its full front mesh, will allow a wide cooling air stream getting inside to refrigerate every assembly component.

Top panel connections

Top panel features amagnetic dust filter, audio connections and USB ports: two USB 2.0 connections andone high speed USB 3.0 connection.

Storage options

Nova's interior is particularly spacious, allowing almost any configuration to be integrated inside. There arethree bays for internal storage units,two bays where you can install2 SSDs or 1 HDD, andone bay where you can install1 SSD and 1 HDD or 2 HDDs.


You can keep atNova’s front itstwo 200 mm pre-installed ARGB ring fans orassemble three 120 / 140 mm fans. Also,two 120 / 240 mm fans can be installed at its upper panel plusa rear 120 mm fan andtwo 120 mm fans on top of thePSU & HDD compartment, thus being possible to assembleup to 8 fans inside Hummer Nova for a complete and efficient ventiliation system.

As for the assembly ofliquid cooling systems, there are plenty of options as well, for you can choose to install a240 mm / 280 mm / 360 mm double radiator at the front, or a120 mm / 240 mm at the top panel or a120 mm at the back.


Hummer Nova interior is wide enough as to assembleCPU coolers up to 165 mm high andgraphics up to 380 mm long, thus allowing the integration of practically any high performance configuration.

PCI adapter for vertical VGA

Hummer Novacomes with an accessory* that, by replacing the original PCI slots featured in the chassis,allows you to set your graphics card into vertical position.

*Note: it does not include the necessary cable to connect the graphic in case of installing it in vertical position.

Robust design for high performance.

Power supply & HDD units isolation from the components to prevent any assembly overheating


Large cooling configurations are broadly allowed since there is room for up to 8 fans & liquid cooling systems ranging from 120 to 360 mm


Broad space inside to house powerful yet large configurations & cooling systems


Convenient cable management for a neat assembly


Two ample front ARGB ring fans preinstalled with LED control button at the top


Solid steel structure + metal mesh front grid


Dust filter & quick access to main ports on the top


Visual access to the assembled configuration through its tempered glass side panel


Sustituye los slots PCI originales de Nova por un soporte especial incluido con Nova para instalar tu gráfica en vertical

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