Hummer Nemesis Black

  • ARGB infinite mirror fans
  • Tempered glass side & front panel
  • Up to 8 fans capability
  • High end graphics support
  • High speed USB 3.0

The Nox Hummer Nemesis is a premium semi-tower with a striking minimal design and dual tempered glass. This steel chassis is compatible with large graphics cards of up to 350mm and liquid cooling systems. It also includes two ARGB LED fans that guarantee an excellent flow of air. You can install up to 8 fans in total. In this Nox semi-tower everything has been designed for maximum performance.

A unique style

Available inwhite or black, the incredible look of the Nox Hummer Nemesis is based on aminimalist gaming design. You'll be able to clearly see every component in the interior through thetwo glass panels - one on the front and one on the side. Enjoy the view of your advanced configuration and ARGB lighting like never before.

Constructed in0.6mm and 0.8mm solid steel, which helps protect it from scratches or knocks, it has excellent finishes thanks to high quality materials. The feet of the Nox Hummer Nemesis have a rubber base to avoid annoying vibrations.

For excellent maintenance of your components, theremovable anti-dust filter at the top facilitates cleaning, and it has an excellent cable management system that favours easy assembly and helps to evenly distribute airflow.

Seal victory

So you don't have to worry about a thing and can focus all your attention on the game, this Nox tower gives youaccess to all the main connections on the top panel. There aretwo USB 3.0 ports as well as two USB 2.0 ports located here, in addition to theHD audio and microphone connections.

Maximum capacity

Compatible with liquid cooling systems, the Nox Hummer Nemesis allows you to install a350 mm graphics card and hasseven expansion slots for any other needs.

Great airflow

It comes withtwo infinite ARGB LED fans on the front, which means eight can be integrated in total - making a powerful airflow possible. Your components will stay cool and perform efficiently.

You can installthree 120mm fans or two 140mm fans on the front panel, one of 120mm at the back or two of 120mm or 140mm on the top panel. This Nox tower is designed for high-performance equipment and supports a166mm CPU cooler to dissipate heat.

Multiple features

The Nox Hummer Nemesis supportsATX and Micro ATX formats. It also supports multiplecombinations of up to four hard drives: you can install1 x 3.5 and 3 x 2.5" or 2 x 3.5 and 2 x 2.5" or 3 x 3.5" and 1 x 2.5".


Tempered glass front panel


Tempered glass side window


Supports CPU cooler installation up to 166 mm


Hard disk installation: you can integrate 1x 3.5" and 3x 2.5" or 2x 3.5" and 2x 2.5" or 3x 3.5" and 1x 2.5".


Space enough for the installation of up to 8 fans (2x 120 mm fans included in the front panel)


Compatible with large size graphics up to 350 mm


Hi-Speed USB 3.0 and main connections at hand


Steel chassis in white or black, with rubber base to prevent annoying vibrations


Compatible with standard 200 mm ATX power supply (not included) or 230 mm if hard drive rack is moved (not included)

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