Hummer MC

Multicolor Dynamic Lighting
  • LED lighting with 7 colors
  • Isolated PSU and HDD compartment
  • Rubber finished front panel
  • Two fan speed controllers
Hummer MC

Hummer MC is one of the most special Nox's chassis, a mid tower with a 7 colors LED lighting.

Available in black and white color, Hummer MC features a large side window to see all installed components under a ravishing LED lighting.


The featured acrylic window allowsa configuration's dazzling illuminated view, thanks to the LED strips sticked top and bottom in the window.

Hummer MC's sleek design is rounded up with aglossy finish in Zero edition andrubber finish in Black edition.

Lighting color options

If there's something special in Hummer MC it is its7 colors LED lighting, set upona front LED strip andtwo side strips at window top and bottom.

Hummer MC allowsthree different lighintg modes:

·Breathing Effect: all colors transitioning at low speed.

·Color Cycle: colors intermittently switching and changing.

·Fixed Color: pick and set a fixed color among the 7 availables.

You canswitch between lighting modes using theLED button laid on the top panel.

Access and front panel

Hummer MC front panel hasone USB 3.0 port,two USB 2.0 ports and HD audio connections, as well astwo fan speed controllers to manage up to 4 fans in three positions: LOW / STOP / HIGH.

Cooling system

Hummer MC has beendesigned to host an excellent cooling system, featuringtwo preinstalled 120 mm fans (one on front and another at back) and allowingthree extra 120 mm fans (two on the front panel and one on the top).

At the bottom, Hummer MC has aPSU and HDD compartment preventing heat transfer to other components. In addition,two 120 mm fans can be installed on top of this compartment.

On Hummer MC's top panel amagnetic anti dust filter is placed to help keeping your PC clean.

Water cooling ready

A high performance PC requires a superior cooling so a chilled environment keeps its components fit.

Hummer MC supports water cooling systems: you can installthree radiators, a 120 / 240 mm front one, a 120 mm top one and a 120 mm rear one.

Thanks to Hummer MCcable management system you'll keep a clean and tidy assembly with nothing interfering amid the airflow.

Storage capacity

Hummer MC offers inside multiple configurations options, allowinggraphic cards up to 380 mm andCPU coolers with a máximum height of 161 mm.

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