Hummer Blaster

  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Metal mesh front panel
  • Pro ARGB lighting zone
  • Up to 8 fans capability
  • 28 mm cable management system
  • High speed USB 3.0
  • LED controller
Spectacular hybrid design

The impressive and distinctive illuminated area of the Nox Hummer Blaster will leave you speechless. A part of its front is mesh, which allows air flow, while the rest is closed, presenting a surprising design that produces unique lighting effects thanks to its LED strip, making it the perfect case for ARGB lovers. This sophisticated chassisfor PC has arobust structure that combines SPCC steel with tempered glass; its premium 4mm side panel allows us to look in and contemplate the splendour of the hardware.

Easy accessibility

The Nox Hummer Blaster is a chassis with an attractive personality whose design makes it easy to access basic functions. On the top of the case you'll finda high speed USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports. Next to these USB ports are thetwo 3.5mm jack connections to connect speakers, headphones or a microphone, in addition to thecontrol used to regulate the ARGB lighting, with which you can configure numerous colors and lighting modes in your gaming area, resulting in a setup in constant movement.

Enormous space

It is agaming mid-tower with aremarkable design and agenerous interior space capable of satisfying the expectations of the most demanding gamers and professionals, and adapting to the needs of any setup, making the assembly you want possible.

Itscable management system also enables quick and easy installation, which is tidy too, so that air flows through the chassis without obstructions. It also includesa magnetized grill on the top to prevent unwanted dust from entering, facilitating component maintenance.

Optimal cooling

To help maintain an optimal temperature in each of your PC's elements, the striking Nox Hummer Blasterhas the capacity to house a liquid cooling system of up to 360mm in the front part, 120mm in the back, or 280mm at the top.

Always ventilated

This cutting-edge and functional case from Noxincludes a 120mm ARGB fan. The Nox Hummer Blastercan accommodate up to 8 fans, of which three of 120mm, or two of 140mm, can be installed on the front; one of 120mm in the back, already pre-installed; and two of 120mm or two of 140mm in the upper zone. In addition, two fans can be added in the area where the power supply and hard drives are installed, so that every component is always at the ideal temperature.

Storage options

The spectacular Nox Hummer Blaster is compatible withATX, Micro ATX and ITX motherboards. In addition, it has bays for HDD and SSD hard drives,three 3.5" and three 2.5" bays.


Hummer Blaster interior is an extensive lighting area managed from its LED control button (located on the top panel) and with which you can create a gaming atmosphere that will flood your room.


Easy access to main ports


Dust filter at the bottom


High performance configurations installation allowed


Clearance enough for an efficient cable management


Compartment to isolate both power supply and HDDs from other components


Mesh front and tempered glass side panel

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