• Brushed finish front panel
  • High speed USB 3.0
  • Up to 3 fans
Performance and design

The Nox Arca is an elegant mini tower with great cooling capacity that allows you to install up to three fans and a CPU cooler. There's convenient access to the main ports and it supports graphics cards up to 315mm.

Compact size

Made with 0.4 mm ABS plastic and SPCC steel,it measures 377 x 186 x 360mm. Abrushed finish on the front panel is part of a minimalist design in black, making this a case ideal for everyday use.

Strategic connections

On the top panel, this mini tower from Nox includestwo high-speed USB 3.0 ports and the HD audio connections for both your microphone and headphones, so the most important connections are always easy to reach.

Different storage options

With good internal storage capacity, it's compatible withMicro ATX and ITX motherboards. It also supportsgraphics cards up to 315mm.

In terms of capacity, there aretwo external bays: one of 5.25" and another of 3.5", and four internal bays: two of 3.5" and two of 2.5".

Excellent airflow

You can installthree fans to dissipate heat from the inside and maintain the perfect temperature for your components. Specifically, you have the option to integrate one on the front panel and another on the side of120 mm and a third on the back, of80 mm. In addition, to protect the CPU from high temperatures, you'll be able to add a147mm cooler.

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