Urano SX 500W

  • Matt black textured surface
  • Passive PFC
  • Green Power efficiency
  • 10 protection systems: UVP, OVP, OGP, OTP, OPP, OLP, SCP, NLO, PFP, TFP
  • Silent 120 mm smart fan with Ball bearing system
  • Intel® haswell Ready
Create the present, see the future

Technology advances and evolves offering new and exciting possibilities. In Nox we have worked for more than a year to enhance the performance of our acclaimed series of power supplies Urano. Enjoy a new solid and vibrant energy with the new Urano series

85% Efficiency

Provides up to 85% efficiency at 20-100% load in standard real life conditions. This will ensure a very low power loss and considerably cut down on electricity costs. With this kind of efficiency not only do you save energy but you also protect the natural environment.

Ultra Silent Fan

An ultra-silent, 120mm ball-bearing fan delivers the best airflow with extremely low noise levels thanks to its advanced technology, dynamic design and amazing high efficiency. Certainly the best choise for building a quiet PC and also very usefull for reducing anoying ambient noises. With Urano you will feel the benefits of efficiency and silence.

High End Quality Components

We use the best advanced engeneering and ultra high-end materials for our componnets to ensure reliability and performance. The High quality main capacitor provides a flawless execution while operating with low impedance characteristics. This helps for a more stable PSU that works for long periods of time with excellent accuracy and enhanced power supply functions.

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